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The 400 Years Coalition

August of 2019 will mark 400 years since the first documented arrival of Africans who came to America by way of Point Comfort, VA.The 400 Years Coalition will plan programs and activities in Philadelphia and its Metropolitan areas to recognize the arrival and influence Africans and their descendants had in America since 1619. The Coalition will be charged with highlighting the resilience and contributions of African Americans as well as acknowledging the painful impact that slavery and other atrocities have had on our nation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

The 400 year history of African Americans is full of tragedies that have shaped the black experience in America and should be remembered as moral catastrophes. African Americans have contributed to the economic, academic, social culture and moral well-being of this nation.  The 400 Years Coalition will tell this story throughout 2019. We will be having events every week in 2019 commemorating our struggle.​As we contemplate the challenges and injustices that African Americans still face, we remember the tragic way in which African American history began and draw inspiration from the heroes and trailblazers who fought under our country’s principle that all people are created equal.​These heroes and trailblazers, along with millions of African Americans who have worked, created, invented, discovered, lived and died over the past 400 years, have molded our national character such that the United States would be unrecognizable without our presence. #400Years

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