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Unpacking Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘mountains’ 60 years after Spelman speech

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Featuing: Rudy Simpson Jr., internship director of “We Buy Black;” Christopher Norris, WHYY’s community contributions and engagement editor; Ebonne Ruffins, a Spelman alumna and vice president of local media development at Comcast; and Gwen Eagleson, a Landsdale resident who heard King deliver the speech as a student at Spelman in 1960.

I would like to thank WHYY PBS for granting me the opportunity to share and expound on Dr. Martin Luther King's contributions. His world renowned speech "Keep Moving from This Mountain" was given during a stressful era within our country's history and became a catalyst for change and hope.

"True education helps us on the one hand to know truth, but more than that it helps us to love truth and sacrifice for it. It gives us not only knowledge, which is power, but wisdom, which is control.

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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