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This is me

My name is Rudy A. Simpson Jr. a community development strategist from Atlanta, Ga. I am the President of  The 400 Legacy Project, an organization dedicated to creating model communities and setting the precedent for the next 400 years. I am also the co-founder and Chairman of Cheaux Love, Inc. a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, Ga. that focuses on creating an atmosphere of love and progression by providing philanthropic opportunities to the underserved areas of the city. 

Content & Marketing  Strategy 
Agile Coach & Scrum Master 

Branding  Social Media

Community  Development Strategy  

Creative Initiatives 


I advise companies
and NGOs on initiatives
and campaigns

As a community development strategist, I have become known for significant work in positioning NGOs, commercial real estate firms, and other organizations in becoming prominent figures within their community through Agile & Scrum coaching. Working with nonprofit organizations earlier in my career taught me the importance of core values and mission. I later learned that a wonderful mission means nothing if an organization's processes and systems aren't structured properly.    

This new philosophy lead me to new ventures and collaborations with clients in various sectors of business such as commercial real estate, e-commerce, political reform, and many more. These experiences provided me a more dynamic view point of execution and efficiency. Something I strive to bring to every project, company and organization that I collaborate with helping all to understand the importance of creating a winning environment and controlling ones narrative. Always remembering that "Life is what you make it."

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